by Leigh Michael

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Bruce represents a rebellious attitude towards the current structure of society and the state of consciousness it perpetuates. External information subtly received from mainstream media can give us a false sense of identity that is designed only to serve and maintain the status quo.

Look at the nature of your mind and how easily it can be manipulated by cultural memes. Bruce is offering a way to step out of years of compulsive thinking.

An affirming, confident response to the foreboding mood set thus far - we are not what we have tricked ourselves into believing we are.

“If people are wise they cannot be exploited…”


released August 8, 2015

Break Free (Mixed by Calzone Kelly)

Never Mind (Mixed by LUKE-B)

The Fire ( Mixed by Blake Curran)

All Lyrics written and performed by Leigh Michael
Art work Design by Ross Curran



all rights reserved


Leigh Michael County Wicklow, Ireland

I've been rapping, free styling, writing and recording hip hop songs since 2002. In the past decade I've been apart of a few groups and used more than a few names experimenting with many styles.

Taking a psychedelic approach to lyricism I continue to pay homage to the schools of thought that transformed my perspective on what it means to lead a happy and fulfilling life.
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Track Name: Break Free (Prod. by Calzone Kelly)
Verse 1

This ships sinking, the omen has come.

And as a man thinketh then so he becomes.

It infiltrated your psyche, undetected in a message.

Subliminal essence incepted and in repression.

Begin the lesson assassin awakens intelligence.

Positive passion progression in a state of reverence.

Never the less, ode to the few, thats open to truth,

Nobody knew that focus, controls what you do

I look around all I see is the same scam.

Same formula same sound forming your name brand.

Verse 2

Mr Wayne’s broken flames smoking, that strange town

Rise from the ashes, a master, a changed man.

Hidden algorithms written the systems a game plan

Creating inner resistance your visions to blame man.

No excuses, institutions intruding on mind space.

Other peoples thinking will limit divine grace.

I see your suspicions listen, it isn’t religious

Minds a wonderful gift give it something nutritious.

Stand guard at attention that garbage that you let in

Infiltrates and creates beliefs harden and strengthen.

With every new impression they give you more selection

Sex and aggression and you forget how to question.

Capture your attention through fear and intimidation

The Master as entered, yes here is your liberation.

Silent guardian at the door of your mind stop the neglect.

Dark Knight of the soul remains a watchful protector.

They can’t brake my spirit in the silence thats richer

Look at your self clearly align with the bigger picture.

Casually undefeated your majesty has retreated.

I never needed a reason I’m leaving it uncompleted.

Believe it I don’t keep secrets tease death and I cheated

Receive breath and repeated I see true depth as achievement.

Reach it, absorb it in, merge with its origins

You hoard your portion of the fortune I have no need foraging.

That sort of thing that gets lost again you need it like oxygen.

Obnoxious men let go or be dragged embrace your opposite.

I never left a trace. Nothing left in my place

The only thing I see the only one I love is space.

And it loves me.

It made and sustains me.

hate belongs to the form In the place where you caged me.

Break free.
Track Name: Never Mind (Prod. by LUKE-B)
Verse 1

Its a centrepiece on amphetamines.

Peddle a bike like centipede, revel and fight with the enemy

Venomous bite of identity, urgently I murder’s me

Formless freedom fraternity serving words of obscurity

Creed of perverted beasts, diseased, bleeding internally

Stomach nervously curdling burden burping absurdities

Your free, as I measure a cleverly worded speech.

Verse 2

When I transform your consciousness

honest is the consequence

My hypnotic sonic sends a signal to Demolish trends.

The promised end to college men was nothing but a frolic friend

the dance they dance the last stand of the atomic grand

Finale. Only mountains and valleys

I mark up the tally on every single wandered alley.

The way of headlessness in acceptance Its effectiveness

Left at inter sections my stance remains direction less.

Devour the heart of the beast power the arteries

Startling and cleansing Its the end of every part of me.

Can’t stop once I got a taste for it.

No flow control, what is so, no trace of it

Don’t oppose, oh, let go in relationship.

Don’t resist, No, slow or quick, have patience kid.

Your worlds shape shifting remain still in your centre

I smell an adventure your inner villains a mentor.

A little salt in your stew you can talk till your blue

If your offended then remember only fault is in you.

Verse 3

I’m used to your intrusion rude excuses that you use

Soothing music interludes the crudest movement of the tomb.

I’ve been loosed into the room after later rather soon.

Your unusual beautiful, who’s the fool? Shoot the moon

Consume the ruins the ruse is ruined

Just enough history a mystery to keep you boobs confused

Leave the booze, that bottles a conspiracy

Every model a debacle you are not what you appear to be.

Not what they attack a lacking social subordinate

Dismantled the ornaments here and now are the coordinates.

Erase all the recorded shit formless is the fortunate

The course of things get in accord and form rapport with it.

More than this. less than that

Adolescents beg respect then get left in a domestic trap

I expect this crap dissect every spec exact

An infectious laugh gives Man a collective slap.
Track Name: The Fire (Prod. by Blake Curran)

This is the deathless sleep the subject is a Breathless leap

Oh my goodness we’ve one less and the stress It wouldn’t keep.

I shouldn’t be but suddenly my muddle speech

Wanted free-Dom. Done.

I take what I want like its already won.

This is all getting glum in a Steady strum I’m the rhythms interval

Not a religious individual But on a whim I’ll show you god in a thimble

The simple everyday ordinary lead astray ,let em pray

Maybe todays the day that the levee breaks.

Cause all it takes is a tiny crack

The mind can snap In an instantaneous defining clap.

Your kind as crap

And know that I won’t ever forget this

revenge relentless

intense hits the rents horrendous.

the ten descendants served an extended sentence

If you can’t defend us then Avenge us.

Remember this moment and all its fleetingness

Cause I curse you to live forever go on repeating this.

Find meaning in the meaningless and your succeeding is

greater than any feeling is. Cheating this is only one way

and its the artists math a marksman with the harshest wrath

Fires a warning shot that can part the path.

You are just that.

But your inability to remain quiet sustains riots,

names try and fail to tame Gaia. I bring the same fire

Chorus 1

And it won’t ever stop

It will run out the clock

until its certain its burned

everything I am not.

(Chorus to repeat)

Chorus 2

And as the smoke drifts higher

I know I am the fire.

Liar liar, Admire

As I consume entire Pyres.


And it won’t ever stop

It will run out the clock

until its certain its burned

everything I am not.