Triangulate ( Single )

by Kali

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This one I wrote the lyrics first and sent an A Cappella to Mika. He then began to construct the beat around my vocal in a twisted reverse rap beat birth.

It must have been a glorious moment, I only wish I was in his presence when he conjured this black magic music from the underworld. Crossing the river styx and giving the finger Hades as he rose to the outer reaches of the earths atmosphere before descending at great speed firing lasers from his eyes.

Ross must have seen it from his house. I imagine thats where he got the idea for the art work.


Verse 1

Triangulate fate straight chase the horizon

Demonstrate faith chance breaks then it widens.

Evaporates landscape forms a face that is frightened

The Magistrate wakes navigates the Poseidon.

The vessel wrestles with the tide with the respect of a trident.

Introspection of the mind has the effects of psilocybin.

Already heightened senses rise skies peak the performance.

The origins rapport serves critique like a warrant

Intensified lens pens rap sheets of endurance

The conformists off the lease begins to cease in importance.

An innate explorer begins waking the dormant

A chorus Sprays spores plays chords thats enormous.

The orphans at the door run away to the circus

Through the hate that draped they escaped to the surface

The fountain reverses the direction to the youth full

The universe projected and reflected in a pupil.

Verse 2

I staged a funeral for approval a removal for the brutal.

The moon of the truth full dissolved all kit and caboodle.

Burned fuel through the loop hole, emerged from metamorphosis

The force is strong with this one formless contortionist.

Enter the forest a fortunate gorgeous realm of resources.

Consciousness unexplored tours the bottomless gorges.

The report is read aloud your adherence is expected

The mirror is dissected in the spirit of the objective

Your direction an elective If the lesson is effective

Next step is to step in any number of directions.


released October 29, 2014
All Lyrics written and performed by Leigh Michael

All tracks produced by Zuke ( Mika S.)

Check out Zuke's EP BORRACHO on beatport here:

Thanks to Blake for recording the vocals.

Art work by Ross Curran (Design Works)

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all rights reserved


Leigh Michael County Wicklow, Ireland

I've been rapping, free styling, writing and recording hip hop songs since 2002. In the past decade I've been apart of a few groups and used more than a few names experimenting with many styles.

Taking a psychedelic approach to lyricism I continue to pay homage to the schools of thought that transformed my perspective on what it means to lead a happy and fulfilling life.
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